Paradoxical Undressing: Naked and hidden – Hypothermia or crime?

Paradoxical undressing is one of those strange things that an investigator can come across, more especially in the depths of winter, when the temperature drops down to a level that tickles the human body into shutdown, commonly known as hypothermia.

Search and Rescue specialists and associated medical professionals well understand the term ‘Paradoxical Undressing’ and its sibling phenomenon ‘Terminal Burrowing’, which occur almost exclusively in situations where the outside environmental temperature is below 10 Celsius, or in the case of prolonged emersion in water, below 20 Celsius.

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Charges dropped against 2 men accused in murder of famed private investigator Jack Palladino

Prosecutors in San Francisco have dropped all charges against two men accused in the murder of famed private investigator Jack Palladino two years ago, citing a lack of evidence. Palladino, whose clients included presidents, corporate whistleblowers and Hollywood moguls, died Feb. 1, 2021, outside his home after suffering a brain injury resulting from a drive-by attempt to rob his camera, San Francisco police said at the time.

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